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  • Pattaya, : Vip villa in Pattaya ( 7 bedrooms )

    Аренда недвижимости в Паттайе сдаётся House in Vip villa in Pattaya ( 7 bedrooms )

Renting a villa in Pattaya. Class Suite can accommodate up to 20 people.
Villas in Pattaya often advantageous to stand out against a very compact housing, prevailing among rental offers. Luxury villas can afford not every tourist, but it is this housing offers the highest level of comfort. Often, the villa itself is a true spa complex for holidaymakers offering everything he
 neobhodimo.Tsena rent villas in Pattaya, as a rule, is determined by the day: because the objects easier to pass the lease. As a rule, rent a villa in Pattaya can be as low as 5000 baht per day, the most prestigious villas can cost in 30 thousand baht per day. Most of the villas are rented for a few days, no more, this is a house, which decided to rest, and not live.
VIP class villas, of which details are provided on our website, are mostly from three to six bedrooms, a large landscaped area with a swimming pool, they are fully equipped with quality furniture and appliances for a comfortable stay. Most often rent spreads including services such as cleaning the houseand yard, security. Shuttle, cooking, baby sitting - at extra cost. On the discounts and bonuses you can expect when renting a villa in Pattaya by seven days.
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