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(1/1) RuntimeException

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at NativeSessionStorage->getBag('attributes')in Session.php line 256
at Session->getBag('attributes')in Session.php line 280
at Session->getAttributeBag()in Session.php line 73
at Session->get('compare')in MyClass.php line 1551
at MyClass->compares()in routes.php line 65
at {closure}('470')
at call_user_func_array(object(Closure), array('470'))in HttpKernel.php line 151
at HttpKernel->handleRaw(object(Request), 1)in HttpKernel.php line 68
at HttpKernel->handle(object(Request), 1, true)in Application.php line 496
at Application->handle(object(Request))in Application.php line 477
at Application->run()in index.php line 6