Buy cancer for 1 million baht - bargain in Thailand

Buy cancer for 1 million baht - bargain in Thailand
 Buy cancer for 1 million baht - bargain in Thailand
Cancer species Procambarus clarkii named Chaokhunchang sold in the province of Nakhon Pathom for a record $ 1 million and 1 baht.
28-year-old breeder rescued this amount by the sale of a rare cancer of the decorative color, reports Bangkok Post.
Kanokpum Siriwat owns a farm, where has been breeding shellfish. On Monday, he was able to make a record deal and sell one of its kind crayfish Procambarus clarkii owner of the restaurant kitchen for Isani 1000001 baht.
Over the last 3 months Pratan twice expressed his desire to purchase a Kanokpuma his cancer - at first for 100 thousand baht, and then for half a million. Kanokpum decided on the deal shortly before the Chinese New Year, when Pratan announced the amount of one million baht.
Unusual cancers Chaokhunchang name, his age - 6 months, and it has a unique brown-red color. Kanokpum brought this breed on their own, trying to get a particular color and make it your business card.
Complete with Chaokhunchangom buyer got cancer female called Sid and 300 of its larvae. Pratan hopes that Chaokhunchang and Sid will bring good luck and posterity of his restaurant business.
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