Free Money: review popular in Thailand settlement system without taxes and inflation

Free Money: review popular in Thailand settlement system without taxes and inflation
 The crisis - the best time for financial self-education. Changing business environment requires new knowledge and new tools for bargains.
The Swiss WIR
In Switzerland, in addition to the franc and the euro, there is another "auxiliary" currency - WIR. Last year, she was 80 years old. The eponymous WIR Bank was founded in 1934 by two businessmen, Werner Zimmermann and Paul Entsem, as a response to the Great Depression. Today the WIR in Switzerland for trade with each other using more than 62 thousand. Small and medium-sized businesses. The annual turnover of transactions is 2 billion WIR. Operations can be carried out as a completely WIR, and partly in francs. Nonconvertible currency, the money remains in the circle of participants. For transactions using a special debit cards and online banking system. Especially good additional currency works in times of crisis and financial turmoil. Many businesses survive thanks to the system of mutual credit and podderzhki.Po image created WIR and other "additional exchange". For the calculations they take commission, so the system is not so successful. Yet they are widely used by entrepreneurs to maintain circulation and stimulate business. As a general rule - to become parties to a company can program offering goods and services.
Today we look at the largest mutual credit systems exist in Thailand.
The system was established in 1991 by three Australian businessmen. In Thailand, it exists since 1997. Total Bartercard operates in seven countries.
more buyers: you enter the partner companies catalog and will be able to take part in the exhibition and sale;
no taxes;
increase in turnover;
More contracts: some businesses (eg hotels) prefer payment "barter-money";
the ability to pay off debts or to buy the necessary equipment with a credit line Bartercard. New members may be eligible for start-up loan from 50 to 200 thousand baht or more (depending on the size of the turnover and the stability of the company).;
the ability to repay debts: just offer to pay you "barter-money";
in the Bartercard includes real estate agency, which allows you to compensate for the "money-barter" 25-30% of project cost;
pricing and the percentage of participation of "barter-money" in the transaction are not controlled.
Unfortunately, the founders Bartercard not as disinterested as their ideological fathers of Switzerland. For the benefits of the system have to pay. Firstly, at the very credit card has an annual service fee, and secondly, the seller and the buyer with real money transferred each month 5-7% of the amount of completed transactions in the bank account Bartercard.
But the old woman is proruha - our businessmen quickly learned how to use the holes in the security system. The recipe is simple: open the company - we get credit - cashable "barter-money" - close the company. Bartercard advantageous to increase the number of participants and turnover, so the loss of such fraud is condoned and credit policy of the company remains soft.
If Bartercard promises up to 200 thousand. "Barter-baht" credit, their main competitor, has raised the bar to half a million. BBX system continuously carries out actions, during which you can get six months free service and a commission of 3% instead of 5%. That's just in Pattaya number of participants in the program is much smaller than the Bartercard - about 700. Therefore, before signing the contract with strict limitations, check whether the directory is something interesting for you.
Terms and looks tough: if the buyer wants control of pricing and the obligation to carry out the transaction entirely pass to BBX. The only question is whether the Thai staff will be able to monitor the implementation of these items.
It is worth mentioning two more systems with fewer participants - BizPaye and TBX. Find the use of these cards is difficult, but they are often used for the aforementioned fraudulent loans.
Companies Bartercard BBX and regularly help users in business promotion. For example, on July 18 in Bangkok, Central Bangna shopping center hosted the exhibition participants Bartercard program. Photo report: see below.
Finally a few recommendations. Although the list Bartercard partners and is an impressive tome, you will find the right products can be difficult. Before signing a contract, make sure that the system has the enterprise, you interesting to exchange goods and services.
Entry into the system will help you get rid of the stale goods or stock balance - owners are looking for ways Bartercard converting virtual money into real values.
Keep in mind that the positive balance on the map, you can adjust the percentage of the participation of "barter-money" in the transaction, and with a negative charge must be fully in the "additional currency."
free money system is beneficial especially to suppliers of goods and services at a low cost - hairdressers, massage salons, attractions, restaurants Perhaps the "secondary currency" will be the lifeline that will help small businesses protect themselves from economic shocks and draconian tax systems in developing countries.