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My Thai Home - Sale and rental of real estate in Thailand.

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  • Sale of residential and commercial real estate
  • Booking and purchase of apartments, villas, houses
  • Guaranteed income of 8% per annum of the AURORA
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Cozy Beach View - Pattaya, Sale
Properties from the builder

Region (city): Pattaya
Area: Phratumnak
Completion Year: 2015
from 1713500 THB1713500
up to 45287161 THB45287161
Grande Caribbean Condo Resort - , Sale
Properties from the builder

Region (city):
Completion Year: 2015
from 1590000 THB1590000
up to 7759000 THB7759000
Aurora Condominium - , Sale
Properties from the builder

Region (city):
Completion Year: 2016
from 1397550 THB1397550
up to 4464000 THB4464000
The Riviera Jomtien Beach - , Sale
Properties from the builder

Region (city):
Completion Year: 2018
from 1949940 THB1949940
up to 19720800 THB19720800
The Orient Jomtien - , Sale
Properties from the builder

Region (city):
Completion Year: 2018
from 1790000 THB1790000
up to 2090000 THB2090000
Seven Seas Côte d'Azur - , Sale
Properties from the builder

Region (city):
Completion Year: 2018
from 1920000 THB1920000
up to 6277500 THB6277500

Studio - Pattaya (ID: 0124)

Studio - Pattaya, Rent
Sky Beach Condominium
Area: 40 m²
Floor: 15 of 42
Up to the sea: 30 м
Rent: 35000 THB35000

Apartment - Pattaya (ID: 0992)

Apartment - Pattaya, Rent
Sky Beach Condominium
Area: 70 m²
Floor: 2 of 40
Bedrooms: 1
Up to the sea: 50 м
Rent: 34500 THB34500

Apartment - Pattaya (ID: 2037)

Apartment - Pattaya, Rent, Sale
Hot Promotion Sky Beach Condo
Area: 124 m²
Floor: 11 of
Bedrooms: 2
Rent: 45000 THB45000
Sale: 12850000 THB12850000

Apartment - Pattaya (ID: 2038)

Apartment - Pattaya, Rent
For Rent - The Cliff Condo
Area: 48 m²
Floor: 23 of 27
Bedrooms: 1
Rent: 22000 THB22000

Studio - Pattaya (ID: S0544)

Studio - Pattaya, Rent, Sale
Laguna bay 1
Area: 26 m²
Floor: 8 of 8
Up to the sea: 200 м
Rent: 13200 THB13200
Sale: 1465900 THB1465900

Apartment - Pattaya (ID: R3033)

Apartment - Pattaya, Rent
The View Residence
Area: 45 m²
Floor: 14 of 20
Bedrooms: 1
Up to the sea: 350 м
Rent: 40250 THB40250

Apartment - Pattaya (ID: R7878)

Apartment - Pattaya, Rent
Rent apartment in Atlantis resort
Area: 35 m²
Floor: 4 of 8
Bedrooms: 1
Up to the sea: 400 м
Rent: 24500 THB24500

Apartment - Pattaya (ID: H3331)

Apartment - Pattaya, Rent
Rent an apartment in Pattaya - Wongamat Tower
Area: 65 m²
Floor: 10 of 28
Bedrooms: 1
Up to the sea: 50 м
Rent: 35000 THB35000

Studio - Pattaya (ID: H8756)

Studio - Pattaya, Rent
Rent an apartment in Pattaya - Cosy Beach View
Area: 38 m²
Floor: 9 of 26
Up to the sea: 350 м
Rent: 20000 THB20000

Apartment - Pattaya (ID: DIAM01)

Apartment - Pattaya, Sale
Diamond Condominium
Area: 68 m²
Floor: 2 of 8
Bedrooms: 1
Up to the sea: 500 м
Sale: 3600000 THB3600000

Property in Thailand

We care about your investments!
Our customers prefer our company, earning the trust earned great experience, because property in Thailand - our profile. We can help you choose and buy property in Thailand, to arrange for your children to international schools, get a Thai visa, to recommend the hospital if you need treatment. Kingdom of Thailand - an amazing place on earth, which is rightly called the "Land of Smiles", a diverse exotic country, where high-tech, tradition and customs are in harmony. To briefly plunge into the atmosphere you will certainly need rental home in Pattaya, and those looking for the perfect peace and tranquility will need renting villas in Thailand, such as the exotic islands in the Gulf, after immersion in this amazing country once, you will want to back, and finally buy a property in Pattaya and we will help in this!

Buying property in Thailand

The cost of real estate in Thailand varies widely. It all depends on your preference, location, scale and additional conditions. You can buy a cozy apartment types - studios or holiday rental, comfortable apartment, a luxury villa or a house, if you decide to settle permanently. High demand commercial real estate and operating business. Prices for all of the above are available, when compared with the Russian or European. Buying property abroad has long been a reality for millions of Russians, who not only come here to rest and make its growth, because the rent in Pattaya is in great demand throughout the year.

Apartments in Thailand

Buying an apartment or a studio in Thailand gives you the opportunity to come to rest several times a year, and at other times you can take the house out, cashing in on their investments. So, how much it costs to buy a house in Thailand? Please contact our experts to help you navigate the market, find the right option for you at an affordable price and, finally, to buy an apartment in Thailand. If you want to rent or sell your apartment, it will not be any problems, simply send the information yourself, or fill out the form on the website under "Application", where you can put your property for sale or lease. You do not need to stay in the country, the entire control over its own facilities is conducted online and at our website, many tourists want to rent a house in Thailand. You will always know the dates booked and you can easily plan for future settlement and the rest. Rental Property in Thailand is easy and convenient for guests and for the owners, thanks to our service.

Buying a home in Thailand

Property Abroad - the safest investment in your future and the future of their children!What distinguishes the sale of real estate abroad by organizing sales at home knows only one who has filled his own experience and is currently not on a cone. It is only at first glance it is easy to buy a property right in Thailand or elsewhere in the region. It is recommended to buy a property abroad, using the experience and expertise and we are ready to help you realize your dream. This will make your vacation not only enjoyable but also meaningful in all respects. Due to low prices, buy a house in Pattaya as well as in other cities, you can directly from developers, or in the secondary market. That's why it has become possible, and middle-income families. In addition, we assist our clients in areas such as the rental of real estate abroad, specifically rental properties in Pattaya and other tourist centers in Southeast Asia.

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